Historically the MBA’s has been a live dinner and entertainment event.  However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, SummitMedia decided to host the 2021 event virtually with an on-line video production.  The on-line production proved to be a huge success garnering thousands of views and exposing the event to many that have never seen or understood the importance of this recognition.  Now, in 2022 the Minority Business Awards will take on another new and fresh look.  The event will again be hosted in a video production for virtual viewing with a special guest speaker but will also host a live component with the Minority Business Awards “watch party”.  This live component will allow all the nominees, sponsors, friends, family, and the general public to gather so we can all enjoy and celebrate together!

​Help us celebrate the great talent in our city by tuning in on February 22nd at 7pm right here at minority businessawards.com.

The “Minority Business Awards” is an event held annually in February that celebrates the spirit, creativity and resourcefulness of Birmingham’s brightest minority business leaders, students, and young professionals. In addition to honoring the winners and nominees, the event is also a great networking tool for Birmingham’s “best of the best” and helps raise awareness of these great individuals.  The event is also a motivational tool for local Birmingham residents as it features a celebrity guest speaker with a positive message!
February 22, 2022